4ft hard needle pot tree

4ft hard needle pot tree
4ft hard needle pot tree
Item No.: C3829T40C100
Name: 4ft hard needle pot tree
Height: 4ft
Width: 25"
Tips: 188
Light: 100 clear lights
Stand: Plastic pot
Construction: Wraped tree

Products Description

Delightfully petite, This Pine tree provides an effortless way to infuse Christmas cheer in entryways, hallways, or in small rooms. Pre-lit with clear lights and adorned with pine cones, decorating this artificial Christmas tree is a breeze. Sitting in a gorgeous pot, this mini Christmas tree is ready to go as soon as it comes out of the box. If you’re looking for an easy way to create a festive holiday look in your home, the Pine tree is perfect for your Christmas.

  • We offer plain tree in Hinged, Hook-on and Wrapped construction from 2ft to 25ft.
  • We offer pre-lit tree from 2ft to 10ft and matching wreath and garland.
  • We offer fiber optic tree from 2ft to 7.5ft.
  • We also offer giant tree for commercial use from 15ft to 50ft.
  • The pre-strung light bulbs are available in clear, multi-colored or frosted bulbs.
  • We have developed pre-lit tree with LED Since 2004, PE tree is on line.
  • We also offer pre-decorated tree with lights.